“LMFO”是“Let Me Find Out”的缩写,意思是“让我查明”

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    英语缩略词“LMFO”经常作为“Let Me Find Out”的缩写来使用,中文表示:“让我查明”。本文将详细介绍英语缩写词LMFO所代表英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度。此外,还有关于缩略词LMFO的分类、应用领域及相关应用示例等。

  • 英文缩写词:LMFO
  • 英文单词:Let Me Find Out
  • 缩写词中文简要解释:让我查明
  • 中文拼音:ràng wǒ chá míng
  • 缩写词分类:Internet
  • 缩写词领域:Twitter

    以上为Let Me Find Out英文缩略词LMFO的中文解释,以及该英文缩写在英语的流行度、分类和应用领域方面的信息。


  1. Just let me find out what's wrong with you.
  2. Fitness : how does one prepare? How rusty are my skills? What would constitute a warm-up exercise, or a " preliminary heat " that would let me find out if I were ready for the game?
  3. This lady wrote to her mother : " this change gives me an opportunity and let me find out the capability, which I can't find at original place. "
  4. Let me think about it. I 'll let you know when you find out.

    上述内容是“Let Me Find Out”作为“LMFO”的缩写,解释为“让我查明”时的信息,以及英语缩略词LMFO所代表的英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度和相关分类、应用领域及应用示例等。