“IMT-FT”是“Frequency Time”的缩写,意思是“频率时间”

2022年9月27日17:15:14“IMT-FT”是“Frequency Time”的缩写,意思是“频率时间”已关闭评论

    英语缩略词“IMT-FT”经常作为“Frequency Time”的缩写来使用,中文表示:“频率时间”。本文将详细介绍英语缩写词IMT-FT所代表英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度。此外,还有关于缩略词IMT-FT的分类、应用领域及相关应用示例等。

  • 英文缩写词:IMT-FT
  • 英文单词:Frequency Time
  • 缩写词中文简要解释:频率时间
  • 中文拼音:pín lǜ shí jiān
  • 缩写词分类:Computing
  • 缩写词领域:Telecom

    以上为Frequency Time英文缩略词IMT-FT的中文解释,以及该英文缩写在英语的流行度、分类和应用领域方面的信息。


  1. Just to see the video frequency time, humanity, I cannot help but feel fear, and then out of Chinese humanity, and I think that's about it.
  2. Based on the frequency time domain method ( FTDM ), the moving vehicle axle loads are identified from the measured responses induced by the vehicles crossing a bridge.
  3. The pulse torques brought by high frequency time harmonics in induction motor is analyzed in this paper. The new method of calculating harmonic ripple torque is given on the base of void displacement principle.
  4. The Design and Implement of the Low Frequency Time(IMT-FT) Code's Simulation Signal Source
  5. Analysis on Anomalous Characteristics of High frequency Time Series and Its Applications & Based on Multifractal Spectrum and Its Parameters

    上述内容是“Frequency Time”作为“IMT-FT”的缩写,解释为“频率时间”时的信息,以及英语缩略词IMT-FT所代表的英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度和相关分类、应用领域及应用示例等。