• 英文缩写词:AF
  • 英文单词:Anglo-French
  • 缩写词中文简要解释:盎格鲁法语
  • 中文拼音:àng gé lǔ fǎ yǔ
  • 缩写词流行度:237
  • 缩写词分类:Regional
  • 缩写词领域:Language Codes (2 Letters)



  1. The Anglo-French(AF) Treaty negotiated in 1860 by Richard Cobden and Michel Chevalier became the model for many subsequent agreements.
  2. Whether on the German side or the Anglo-French(AF), the war is unjust, predatory and imperialist in character.
  3. On the walls, however, hung the portrait of an 18th-century Anglo-French(AF) aristocrat, a maternal ancestor.
  4. In addition, the anglo-french Japan and Germany could put forward a solution g-four worldwide this problem of package?
  5. I first met the Anglo-French(AF) Pepinster, 37, some years ago over dinner.