“LOAL”是“Life of a Local”的缩写,意思是“当地生活”

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    英语缩略词“LOAL”经常作为“Life of a Local”的缩写来使用,中文表示:“当地生活”。本文将详细介绍英语缩写词LOAL所代表英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度。此外,还有关于缩略词LOAL的分类、应用领域及相关应用示例等。

  • 英文缩写词:LOAL
  • 英文单词:Life of a Local
  • 缩写词中文简要解释:当地生活
  • 中文拼音:dāng dì shēng huó
  • 缩写词分类:Internet
  • 缩写词领域:Twitter

    以上为Life of a Local英文缩略词LOAL的中文解释,以及该英文缩写在英语的流行度、分类和应用领域方面的信息。


  1. That night I learned how to travel as a travel writer : You approximate, as best you can, in the short time allotted you, the life of a local.
  2. Only participation in the full life of a local church builds spiritual muscle.
  3. Funeral culture of the complex, they can reflect the life of a local state of civilization and the idea of change.
  4. Having passed his Life in the UK exam and sent off 600, he stood in the hall of a local school, sang all the words of the national anthem in the company of several eastern Europeans and Filipinos, and swore allegiance to the crown.
  5. Mary was determined, however, even at the young age of eight, to make something of her life other than follow the expected route of becoming a maid, or a cashier at the local supermarket.

    上述内容是“Life of a Local”作为“LOAL”的缩写,解释为“当地生活”时的信息,以及英语缩略词LOAL所代表的英文单词,其对应的中文拼音、详细解释以及在英语中的流行度和相关分类、应用领域及应用示例等。